Play for a Cure Oregon 2017!

Please read the following important notice regarding the status of Play for a Cure Oregon 2017

August 9, 2017


Good evening PFAC participants, sponsors and supporters,
Usually at this time of year I am sending out a message with announcements and updates about the upcoming tournament in anticipation of a great weekend of softball.  This year, mother nature has jumped in the middle of our plans with a solar eclipse!  While we have known for a long time the eclipse will happen on Monday after OUR weekend, the recent predictions for the effects it will have on the entire Salem area are much worse conditions than any of us previously imagined.
As a result, the LLV Foundation Board has made the very difficult decision to cancel Play for a Cure Oregon 2017. 
If you’re in or near the Salem area you have undoubtedly been hearing the news, predictions and warnings now being issued to our city.  If you’re not in the Salem area here is what we have been warned about in the last few days.
Salem has a population of about 175,000 and experts are predicting an additional 125,000 will flood the city during the weekend leading up to the eclipse.   All of the lodging options in hotels, motels and campgrounds are fully booked.  Because most have a minimum three night stay this influx will likely be Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.
A few days ago the City of Salem announced they will not be enforcing the “No Camping” ordinance in city parks.  As a result we expect to see huge numbers of individuals setting up camps in city parks, including Wallace Park, without appropriate facilities such as garbage cans, and toilets to accommodate the number of people.
There is no way to regulate the parking at Wallace Park to ensure there will be sufficient parking for Play for a Cure Oregon participants and spectators due to the anticipated number of people flooding the parks.
As most of you are aware, Salem has two bridges, one in each direction,  that cross the Willamette River between downtown and West Salem where the park is located.  Normal commuter traffic frequently causes significant congestion on either or both bridges.  Officials are expecting such significant congestion, they plan to close the pedestrian bridge to all traffic so it can be used only for emergency purposes.
City officials are warning people in the Salem area there may be no cell phone service due to overloaded towers and there is a significant risk of power outages as well.
Emergency services including, police, fire, ambulance and local hospitals expect to be stretched thin and will triage their response to emergencies only.  First responders are concerned about significant delays in responding even to emergency situations.
Because of these and other warnings we feel we cannot ensure the safety of Play for a Cure Oregon participants.  Therefore we believe it would be irresponsible to continue to host the softball tournament under these conditions.
This was not an easy decision and we recognize the inconvenience this causes for all of you who have planned to participate in the tournament this year.  I’m sure you are wondering….
“What now?” ……
We had planned to have a Family Game Night on Friday evening August 18th  that would include a home run derby, place hitting contest, corn hole competition and some other activities. At this time we are going to continue with this plan and invite anyone who is able to come to Wallace Park, in the ballpark complex for the evening.  We hope this will be a fun evening for those who are able to make it to the park and give us an opportunity to be together Playing for a Cure.
Please follow our Facebook page for details and announcements regarding the activities planned for Friday night.
What happens to the money raised by the youth Play for a Cure Oregon fundraising series?
These funds and any other team fundraising we receive will be donated to our beneficiaries as usual.  These funds  will not be used to cover “bail out” expenses due to cancelling the tournament.  This is extremely important to us and we are committed  to being good stewards of the financial gifts our supporters trust us with.
We have been in contact with our sponsors who have expressed their support and understanding and have not requested refunds of their donations.  They have been very understanding  realizing we have incurred expenses we still must cover.
Is my team’s tournament registration fee refundable?
We would like to offer the following options to our registered teams;
1. Donate your registration fee to the cause.
2. Contact LLV Foundation by email by September 30 to request a full or partial refund.
All 32 teams registered for Play for a Cure Oregon 2017 will receive an early registration email notification to sign up for PFACO 2018 before open registration begins.
Our awesome tournament design shirts have already been printed and if you would like to purchase one to commemorate this unusual year and support PFACO please contact us to place an order.
On behalf of the LLV Foundation Board of Directors, Members and Volunteers, thank you for your continued support.
Kris Knox ~ President
Linda L. Vladyka Breast Wellness Foundation
4742 Liberty Rd S. #270
Salem, OR 97302